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Compass EXO 500 with CF Rotorblades - Green # eXoG-A

Product number: EXOG-A

Compass # eXoG-A

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EXO 500 with CF Rotorblades - Green

The Compass eXo 500 is a 500size helicopter made for rotor blade lengths from 480 to 520mm in conjunction with 6-8 LiPo cells from 3000 to 4400mAh. The semi-monocoque (eXoFrame) is a unique new development. The eXoFrame is made of carbon prepreg and combines high strength and low weight with functionality. The number of components is kept extremely small, whenever it was possible integral components were used. The single-stage belt transmission is running efficient, extremely quiet by needing very low maintenance. A 10mm main rotor shaft, and a 6mm tail rotor shaft are unique in this size. The rigid rotor head transmits the slightest control pulses abruptly on the rotor blades. The head speed range is enormous, ranging from very low to very high head speeds. The large canopy guarantees excellent visibility and is wrapping around the entire frame. A drop-shaped tail boom houses the pushrod invisible inside and gives the helicopter additional presence.
The eXo 500 is using 15mm (mini) servos at cyclic and rudder.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 1040 mm
  • Width: 145 mm
  • Height: 325 mm
  • Gear ratio: 18T: 8,33 : 1: 4.8
  • Start weight with battery: 2400-2600g
  • Motor type: brushless motor with about 900-1100KV
  • Blades: 480 - 520mm
  • Rotor diameter: 1148mm (with 515 mm blades)
  • Battery capacity (6S): 3300 - 4400mAh
  • Battery capacity (7S): 3000 - 3500mAh
  • Discharge rate: 25 - 60C
  • Maximum head speed: 2700 RPM **
  • Maximum collective pitch: +/- 13 ° ***
  • Speed controller: min. 100A
  • Servo type: 4pcs 15mm
  • Number of teeth (main pulley): 150
  • Drill size motor pulley: 6mm
  • motor pulley sizes: 18-22T


  • eXo 500 body 
  • motor pulley sizes:
  • CF rotor blades 515 mm
  • manual english/german

** = The helicopter is able to hold higher headspeeds. The manufacturer limited the headspeed for safety reasons.
The maximum allowed headspeed is 2700 rounds per minute!
*** = For safety reasons and for long lifetime the maximum allowed collectiv pitch is +/- 13°!

Compass # eXoG-A

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